We Are There, Yet

Michael Todd, Lead Graphic Designer July 2, 2019 No category

First things first – Take a deep breath. Note the date and time. Now exhale.

You made it, people. Everything in your life has been leading to this.

I know what you’re thinking… little anticlimactic. However, in the twinkling of an eye, in this very moment, you’re reading an article on your digital device titled, “We Are There, Yet.” Well, you’re welcome, you wouldn’t be here without me. Not technically “me,” but my people – those who design to enhance your life experiences – Graphic Designers.

Let’s take a glimpse into your journey to this moment. My guess is right before you arrived at this article, you clicked a link on your screen. You may have even clicked a link to navigate to that link. For that link to be available to click, you used a digital device that was purchased from a store.

Now speed up the rewind button. You’re at the store where the device was purchased. But wait, why are you here in the first place? That’s right, you saw that heart-warming ad for the device… oh and your friend using it, and that woman sitting next to you in the coffee shop…. but back to the store. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a smiling face, and you know if that face isn’t wearing a shirt with the store’s logo on it, that’s not your guy. Fortunately, it is your guy. He then directs you to the section labeled, “The Section You’ve Been Looking For.” You walk up to the display table, look down and see a slick, glowing price-tag revealing, “Priceless.” The device is yours. It was almost too easy.

But wait, while I have you, let’s keep playing the game. How’d your new device make its way to the store in the first place? Workers had to follow backroad signs to find the materials for manufacturing the product, warehouses had to keep labeled inventory, delivery trucks had to follow manuals of instructions for proper storage and delivery, trademarked branding was applied everywhere it could fit, and I’m nearly positive a few other steps had to take place.

Without the accuracy and effectiveness of thousands of designs across various media, this moment could look very different for the two of us. As a Graphic Designer at retailcomm, my goal is to produce designs that are utilized everywhere, yet hardly noticed. If consumers only remember my design, I have failed to navigate them to their destination – the client.

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