How We Work

The retailcomm team conceives, produces, manages, staffs and measures end-to-end local marketing campaigns and live events where your best customers experience your brand more deeply and where passion-driven communities form around what your brand contributes to their lives.


Our Process

  • Conceive
    We help you identify, validate and engage both the active and latent communities that exist around your brand.
  • Produce
    We develop live events that cater to your brand’s communities.
  • Manage
    We take care of everything related to the events.  All materials, planning, staffing, calls-to-action, customer experience and cleanup activities fall on our shoulders.  
  • Extend
    After the event, we’ll help you manage relationships with your brand's communities, either in the form of post-event communications, additional events or suggestions derived from our years of practice and similar situation experience.
  • Measure
    Measurement and results are important to any event or campaign. We always evaluate and adjust activities to ensure that they meet your goals.