Our Story

What we do and how we view the world.

The best brands are the ones that pay attention to their customers' passions, not just their buying habits. It is in these passions that organizations can find untapped opportunities to delight their customers and be rewarded for it.

Founded in 2001, retailcomm is a strategic and tactical marketing practice focused on connecting brands with communities through event, field and mobile marketing services.  We help retailers craft highly localized campaigns that build communities around consumer passions.

Our core lies in the fact that we still think face-to-face communication is important. Live, hands-on experiences with products, experts and brands produce great customer satisfaction, deep loyalty and superior businesses.  That's just the way we are.


Our Philosophies

  • We believe substance is still important.
    When it comes to client service, we always deliver on what we promise, never less, even if it ends up costing us more than we thought it would.
  • We believe passion fuels the world.
    Whoever adds the most value and most delight to feed the passion of others is the winner.
  • We believe it’s okay to care more about people than $$.
    We have our clients’ backs and put their needs above our own. We don’t do it for the money; we do it because we are passionate about helping others succeed. It’s a lonely road, but one that we gladly travel.


Our Values

  • Service
    We serve as representatives of our clients with their customers. We are dedicated to image management, deep contingency-planning, proactive problem-solving and a continual focus on both tactical and strategic success for our clients’ business objectives.
  • Creativity
    We help clients build communities around the passions their brands serve. We excel at finding new ways of engaging and delighting our clients’ customers, rewarding them for the investments they make in their passions and using what inspires them to inspire others.
  • Work
    While our work requires significant insight, creativity and specialized skill sets, it’s not glamorous stuff. The “wins” go to our clients and to their customers. We are truly servants, and the secret to our success is hard work, long hours and a resolve to do what is required to deliver value to our clients.
  • Team
    Not only do we help brands build passion-driven communities, we are a community, ourselves. We work many hours together, travel across the country together and continually depend on one another to serve our clients well. Our team energy is potent - and contagious. 


Are you an A Player and want to join our team? Submit your cover letter and resume to careers@retailcomm.com