Our People

Who we are and what makes us tick.

The professionals that make up the retailcomm team play a pivotal role in the services and value we bring to our clients. Here are a few characteristics that make us successful in what we do:


  • We are team people
    The work we do simply cannot be done by loners.
  • We are humble people
    The rewards we produce belong to the client - and to their customers.        
  • We are hard-working people
    A servant who doesn't work hard is a thief.
  • We are “people” people
    We thrive off of working with our clients and meeting hundreds of thousands of their customers every year - always on brand, focused on delighting them and rewarding them for engaging their passions.
  • We are fun people
    The work we do is always fresh, is always about delighting customers in fun settings and continually producing stories we love to share.

Meet our Leadership Team

  • Russell
  • Bill
  • Steve
  • Nanette